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ESP LTD Bass Pack B-10

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A complete pack that includes the popular LTD bass.
Designed for beginning players or musicians on tight budgets, the B-10 Bass Pack includes everything a player needs to make music, including a bass, an amplifier, and comprehensive set of accessories.

The B-10 Bass Pack includes the LTD B-10 bass, a budget-oriented version of ESP's well-known basses made popular by top artists. The bass guitar pack also includes the ESP-15B, a 15W amp perfect for practice and lessons, as well as a 10' 1/4" cable, an electronic tuner, a softshell gig bag, a guitar strap, and picks.

ESP LTD B-10 Bass Pack Features:
LTD B-10 bass
ESP-15B practice amp
10' 1/4" cable
Electronic tuner
Softshell gig bag
Bass strap

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