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Rivera Pubster 45 - 112

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This Pubster comes with 45 watts of EL-34 power through a 12" Rivera Celestion Vintage Gold speaker. Every amp in the series uses two 12AX7 preamp tubes - reliable and easily accessible for service. All Pubsters are built with full plywood cabinets, welded zinc-plated steel chassis, audiophile-quality components, and military-grade construction. Pubsters come with a footswitchable Accutronics 3-spring mechanical reverb, and a 2-function footswitch is provided at no extra cost.

The features don't end there. Around back, an effects patch loop is provided along with an external speaker jack and a line output for recording or P.A. feeds. Like all Rivera amps, our power cord is detachable and easy to replace.

Pubsters are easy-to-use channel-switching amps with a single 3-band EQ section. A footswitchable boost with its own gain control, as well as a second master volume to regulate the level, let you go from a clean rhythm to a fat lead solo at a tap of a toe.

Dialing up clean and distortion tones has never been easier. From Mississippi Delta Blues to Birmingham Steel Rock to Nashville Clean, your tone is home with our Pubster series.

Even though these new models are the most affordable Rivera models yet, each one of these is more than professional enough to use for serious working musicians.

For recording, Pubsters can do the job well. Utilizing good mic technique in recording situations, these small packages of excellent tone will lay down great sounding tracks. You can also use the Pubster amps to power an external Rivera 412 cabinet, allowing you to record stack sounds easily.

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